Boss is the boss and leader of the ARF! He/she comes once every two years, in a random day. He/she always goes on a low populated server when he/she is online. If the room gets too full he'll go to another room so if you have a time to see him/her when you donate don't tell anybody or else they will move to a different room. He's/she's the smartest and stealthiest seal in the history. He/she wears a tie at all times. You won't not know his/her real name until you meet him/her online. He's/she's the hardest mascot to meet because he/she only comes to World of Seals once in 2 years. The only facts you start with is: He'll/she'll wear a black and red striped tie. The boss won't take off their disguise and show who they are when you meet them, they'll just say who they are. The only times he/she smiles are when it's a very nice victory, he's/she's extremely hyper or happy when he's/she's in a photograph. He/she hates halloween parties a lot because that's usually the time when the evil pirate crew attack.

Likes Edit

  • Food: Unknown until you meet him/her
  • Activity: Give instructions
  • Color: Unknown until you meet him/her
  • Room: The ARF HQ

Dislikes Edit

  • Food: Pudding
  • Activity: Being captured
  • Color: Transparent (see-through)
  • Room: The Pirate Ship 

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