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Leila Anderson
Position Mascot of World of Seals
Age 25 years old
Status Watching wrestling at Lascena City
Best Friends Kristianna
Agent Seal
Enemies Hannah
Height 5'6
Weight 123 pounds
Leila's a very pretty seal. She'll be a meetable seal. She has bright blonde hair and always wears a glittery red shirt and pants of the same color made out of leather. Her best friends are Twilight, Kristianna and Agent Seal. She came from Darella City. One of her twin sisters is named Jane. She's 25 years old and 5'6. Her hair's the brightest of the Anderson Daughters. She was born on April 27, 1987. She's the best at lying of the Andersons. She's the second smartest of the Anderson Daughters. She's friendly with only one of her sisters. She's the third to least favorite of her parents. Her twin sisters are Gezurtia and Jane. Her worst enemy's Hannah because Hannah's very selfish and a little mean.

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