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Lucky Day will be a party. It'll only be on March 17. It won't be an annual event, because it happens every 2 years. You can get a green shirt with yellow text that says "I'm a Lucky Seal" if you get good luck. There's also a Shamrock Hat. The party is supposed to reference St. Patricks Day.

Sometimes, in random moments, your seal will be a victim of Bad Luck. When this happens, you can't access games, your energy and health bars go down faster and you go slower. The only way of avoiding this to happen and to stop it from happening is drinking a Good Luck Potion from Sorceseal or having every single one of these in your Big Bag:

  • Lucky Ladybug (Get it from Fooly8!)
  • Lucky Rabbit Feet (Get it from Crazeal!)
Once you have all of these items, you cannot get bad luck!

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