Payton J. Angel
Position Not meetable famous seal
Age 27 years old
Status At a park
Best Friends Unknown
Enemies Leila
Height 5'4
Weight 123 pounds
Payton J. Angel was Lovely's best friend when she was in elementary school! Payton was the only girl in school to be friends with Lovely since she was a "nerd." Payton is adopted by evil stepmother and stepsisters who boss her around. But her friend Lovely told her that she has the worst life than her! It was true. Payton's real mother died with her real father. But Payton survived. Payton's secret crush is unknown. She had only one best friend and that was Lovely. Payton had a pet turtle but died in the car crash too! Her step sisters are Mandy, Callie, and the nicest one Savannah. Savannah is the nicest one to Payton and becomes friends with her! Payton doesn't want her sisters and her mother to see because they'll abuse her! So, Payton and Savannah have a secret hiding spot... And that's where Callie met Payton's ex-BFF Lovely! But Lovely still is bffs with her!