Hey isn't that dude.............
Sherman Jr. "Erwin"
Position Moderator, Mascot, and Founder of World of Seals
Age 25 years old
Status In a hotel at Europe
Best Friends EpicCheese
Enemies Angela
Agent Seal
Height 5'8
Weight 127 pounds
Erwin (Sherman Jr's nickname) is a mod/mascot. He's Sherman's nephew. His last name's Chambers. He's the 4th habitant of Sherman Island. He's one of the hardest mascots to meet because Erwin's only online four times. He was born in Lascena City. Even though he's from Norway, he's Canadian. The reason why he isn't online that much is because he visits Lascena City a lot because Lascena City has many salmon in the city. Whenever he's online he's always with Sherman. His turtle's a boy. His name's Ondray and his middle name's Mario. Ondray's a red turtle. Ondray's a very sporty turtle. Erwin's 25 years old. His best friends are Sammy and EpicCheese. His worst enemy's Angela because he knows Angela's secret identity and her deep, dark secret. His usernames on this wiki's The Director of PSA and Erwin's official wikia account (That's not his username) He's brothers and best friends with EpicCheese. When you meet Erwin, you get items including a red jacket, brown wig, or a blonde wig, you can only get when you meet Erwin! Also when you meet him you get a one-time pass to use the Clothing Designer! There are 10 styles to collect from him, and you can only collect once per year. Since he's a peaceful seal, he only goes to servers that are only a little populated and he also always only goes to the Valley of Peace when he's online. His other enemy's Agent Seal because he thinks he's such an idiotic wannabe. His enemy's Jenna because she annoys him everyday because she sings a lot. He was born on September 9, 1987. He's about 5 months younger than Angela and Kristianna. Erwin also has a best friend named Lovely. The stepmother's name's Alannah. The color of this sentence is Erwin's favorite color!

  • Classy Brown Wig
  • Funky Brown Wig
  • Spiky Brown Wig
  • Cool Brown Wig
  • Classy Blonde Wig
  • Funky Blonde Wig
  • Spiky Blonde Wig
  • Cool Blonde Wig
  • Red Jacket with Red Shirt
  • Red Jacket with Green Shirt
  • Red Jacket with Blue Shirt
  • Red Jacket with Yellow Shirt
  • Red Jacket with White Shirt

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