Position Owner of Turtle Store and Mascot of World of Seals
Age 24 years old
Status Petting Turtles in the Turtle Store
Best Friends Sammy
Enemies Unknown
Height 5'6
Weight 125 pounds

TurtleFan's the owner of the Turtle Store. He's the 6th habitant of the island. He's Norwegian. Like Angela, he came from Lascena City but since Lascena City's a big city they never knew each other until they were both on Sherman Island. He sailed on a very small iceberg. His turtles (he has more turtles than the population in Peru, which is about 30,000,000 people) help him. Once they reached the island, they settled and TurtleFan decided to share his turtles with all the seals, so he built the Turtle Store. He's one of the hardest mascots to meet. He comes about 3 times each year. He always has a turtle on his head. His best friends are Sammy and Angela. He's currently dating Jenny. He's 24 years old.

Likes Edit

  • Food: Pumpkin Pie
  • Activity: Taking care of his turtles

Dislikes Edit

  • Activity: Seeing a turtle die painfully
  • Color: Apricot

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