I'm going to demote one of the co-founders to a moderator. So I am now trying to figure out if I should demote either Batreeqah, TwilightPerry or Fooly8. I know who I'm going to demote now. I'll reveal soon. I'm demoting someone to make you guys worried. I know that's mean but I just decided to do that. Sorry! Just kidding. There's too many co-founders.Nothing's going to change my mind now. I have already decided. Mwahahahahahhahahaha lol. For me to reveal every co-founder must be on this page.

It becomes a huge competition.

Batreeqah vs. TwilightPerry XD

This has been very hard to pick. I had my reasons to demote this person. Though over the next day, I saw something that made me start rethinking on who I wanted to demote. But I decided not to change my mind and go with my original decision on who to demote. But later I thought I was making a mistake from demoting either Batreeqah or TwilightPerry so now Fooly8 is no longer safe from demotion. So now I have no idea who to demote.

Batreeqah vs. TwilightPerry vs. Fooly8

But now I'm like what if I make a mistake. But it's only a demotion. And later on I decided they'd only become a worker for Social Media instead of Moderator so that's a huge demotion. So I eliminated both people who I think can handle a virtual world. So that person left was now for sure the one I was going to demote. Phew I finally know who I am going to demote.

Update: I haven't changed my mind yet. But once all the co-founders are here, I'll reveal the demoted staff member. But it's not really a big deal so don't get anxious.

Okay here we go. The first person safe is: Batreeqah. Sorry if you are still in jeopardy of being demoted.

Fooly8 vs. TwilightPerry

Okay don't get mad at me if I demote you. This was a very hard descision. But so you know my decision is my original decision. So if you read this over you will get it.

TwilightPerry is demoted. The clue was at first Fooly8 was safe. So my original decision had to be either Batreeqah or TwilightPerry. But since Batreeqah was safe, my original decision had to be TwilightPerry. So there's the clue.

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