Yoona  is a turtle turtle. Yoona's a very loyal turtle. Yoona's a female turtle. Her appearance in game's blue turtle,Blonde hair with a pink headband and a green dress. She'll be a meetable turtle. She's friends with Bea! Her personality's same as Rainbow Dash (of MLP). She's a beautiful turtle. Her middle name's Jam.


  • Michelle gave her some clothes to make her more beautiful.
  • She's not a vegetarian, unlike other turtles.


  • The reason why she was adopted was because Turtle Store there was a big sign that says "APOPT A BEAUTIFUL TURTLE FOR FREE! LIMITED EDTION!" There was only three available turtles. She had no idea who to adopt. Michelle choose her because she was the most beautiful of them all and she choose loyalty because Rainbow Dash has loyalty too. She decided to name her turtle, Yoona.

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